Let me guess.

You have an awesome product or service ready to launch, but there is one crucial step holding you back.

The words can’t seem to come out.

You need a clear-cut message that will stop people in their tracks and get them through the door. But creating that content is frustrating and takes you away from your core business. You’ve been looking for someone who can relieve you from that pain. Someone who will take your vision and shape it into great copy.

You can stop looking now.

Hi there.

Putting together the right words has been my asset for as long as I can remember. Since school days I’ve been the go-to guy for written assignments. The first time I made money was helping a PhD candidate fix his typo-infested, messy thesis.

Over the years I’ve written all sorts of copy: sales letters, website content, video scripts, cold emails… I also had a hand in brainstorming brand names and taglines. In my spare moments – if I’m not lifting weights or doing tornado kicks, I try to write a bit more of fiction. So you could say that me and the words have quite the history.

You have taken a burden off my back – trying to create the perfect wording.”
― J. McCants

“This guy is a hidden gem, You have to try him to see what he can do for you.”
― William

By the way, I write in both English and French. Francophones, vous êtes au bon endroit !

I make you money with friendly, elegant writing

Buzzwords are dumb. No one is impressed by pretentious jargon and no business is above “plain” language. If you can’t explain in specific terms how you’re going to make life easier for your customers then you’re falling behind competitors with a clearer voice.

The copy I write forgoes the generic we-driven boast and focuses on empathizing with the reader’s worries and desires. It’s a one-on-one conversation that befriends, inspires and invites to take action.

So ditch the “we pride ourselves” nonsense and reforge your message with punchy words that knock out doubt and hesitation. And I’m here to do just that.

Let’s get started!