Face it.

The usual “We are good at what we’re do” speech is a snorefest. It’ll take more than that to convince clients that you’re the real deal.

All markets are crowded and noisy. I’m here to get your voice heard and liked. Together we’ll craft the message that grabs your target audience’s attention, spark their interest and drive them to deal with you.

Regardless of what you sell, you’re always using words. Bottom line being: copywriting is about words that sell.

“Do I really need the assistance of a copywriter?”

Yes. You’re in at least one of these situations:

  • You have a ton of tangled up ideas but you don’t know how to structure them;
  • You’ve tried writing something on your own but the result is unsatisfying – words simply aren’t your forte;
  • You’ve spent a lot of time and money on ads, email campaigns and whatnot to reach potential customers, but your conversion rate is abysmal and needs fixing.

Poorly written content holds back your business from achieving its potential.

“Why should I hire you?”

Because I care about your business.

I take the time to immerse myself in your line of work and understand your customers’ troubles and desires. I will ask you spot-on questions and do thorough research to write copy. Readers will feel understood and confident about their decision to deal with you.

Also, I am someone who is easy to work with.

I won’t pester you with back and forths or leave you in the dark. You don’t have time and patience to keep explaining things, only to get a half-baked work that’s off the mark. You want to take writing off your mind and get your copy as you envisioned it. Sounds like a job for me.

You can see samples of previous works here.

What clients have to say

“I must admit at first I was a bit skeptical at first as I had never used a copywriter before but Jon put my mind at ease with his quality of work, he delivered exactly what I was trying to get and wrote it down better than I could have imagined possible.”

“Jon is an ultra responsive individual. He is very dedicated to understanding the core requirements and very detail-oriented in drafting the sales letter. I will certainly do business with him again!”

The copy I write is:

Vivid: no vague buzzwords. The words I choose evoke a clear picture in the minds of your audience. I take your vision and shape into a memorable imagery that stimulates emotions.

Friendly: no one hires a copywriter to write soulless corporatespeak. Your message is more effective when the reader can feel human warmth in it. That said, you don’t want an informal and silly tone. I write in an elegant way that inspires trust.

Authentic: scammers can leave. There is no room for ludicrous claims that insult your clients’ intelligence. You are not in business to make a quick buck but to bring value to the world. No matter how confident or snappy the copy is, it won’t save an ill-conceived business. I write copy for products and services that I believe in.

For the record, I am most experienced in the following types of copy : website content, sales pages, brochures and video scripts.

Also, I write in both French and English. Choisissez la langue qui vous plait et je vous éblouirai!

How do we get started?

Facile! Tell me about your business and what kind of copy you need. After we agree on the scope, quote and deadline, you send me all relevant material and I do my own research.

I write then send the content to you. With your feedback I make revisions if needed until we get the definitive version. Once you’re satisfied you can implement your copy right away and wow customers.

In a crowded world, you need copywriting more than ever.

Your customers are constantly bombarded with ads and pitches. They won’t pay attention to an offer that doesn’t stand out.

I write in a confident yet credible voice. My copy includes attention-grabbing headlines along with carefully arranged and easy to read content. I also repel objections and dive into psychological factors that push people to buy.

With strong copywriting you can finally persuade the potential clients you’ve worked so hard to find and watch your sales go up.

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