I have worked with many individuals and companies on various projects. Below a few of my previous works:

Copy in English:

Amicable Separation Agreements:

What the client’s business was about: affordable agreements for people going through an amicable separation but who don’t want to pay high fees and get headaches dealing with lawyers. The agreements are drafted by experts and come with a detailed guidebook as well as email support.

What I worked on: I wrote a sales letter encompassing all reasons that make this offer the most cost-efficient, hassle-free choice. I discussed the terrible but possible scenarii that customers must avoid, and explained the benefits of this DYI solution.

Read the copy here.

Lazy Swing Trader:

What the client’s business was about: a former trader teaches members of his group how to make extra money with little effort on the stock market by leveraging his expertise in swing trading.

What I worked on: I took the many disconnected ideas given to me and structured them into a seamless sales letter that targets people who are looking to make a side income but don’t know much about swing trading. I explained the concept in simple terms and addressed the reasonable objections of people who never considered trading before.

Read the copy here.

Church City:

What the client’s business was about: an online directory designed for both churches and attendants. Minsters can register their churches so they can be found, and people can search and find the nearest churches in their cities.

What I worked on: flyer copy in two versions, one for churches and one for attendants. The content had to be short and to the point, on top of tapping into reasons why churches need to be filled.

Read the copy here.

Data Pro Boston:

What the client’s business was about: an IT consulting firm that offers services ranging from software development to data management and IT support.

What I worked on: I wrote the website content to be easy to skim through and free of jargon overload while highlighting the reasons why IT consulting is the optimal solution for businesses with IT shortcomings.

Read the copy here.

Copy in French:

Belle en Bikini:

What the client’s business was about: an eBook detailing a 12-week fitness program for women who want to burn fat and shape a beautiful body. The guide reveals various workout routines that can be done from home, provides a blueprint for healthy nutrition as well as tips for building a positive, diligent mindset.

What I worked on: I rewrote the sales pages that was a tad too long and didn’t take advantage of testimonials. I also rearranged the chain of ideas for a more cohesive flow and fixed the bland writing style to make sure every paragraph was a delight to read.

Read the copy here.

Solution Deepfish:

What the client’s business was about: a solution for both recruiters and professionals failing to find the perfect match through regular networks. The service was going to be marketed as a video using a storytelling approach. The concept is explained through two characters representing both types of clients.

What I worked on: a clear-cut video script that uses words and expressions related to fishing to explain the concept in a clear and upbeat way. The writing empowers the branding with on-point wordplay and an enthusiastic tone.

Read the coy here.

Parole d’Entrepreneur:

What the client’s business was about: a blog that interviews struggling entrepreneurs and offers insights on how they can better run their business for more profit and less stress.

What I worked on: a landing page that redirects to the blog after empathizing with the rarely discussed financial and personal hardships of French entrepreneurs.

Read the copy here.